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Gordon Soutar

Hi - thanks for getting back to me. The problem seems to have disappeared. Will send you my package if it reappears.

Another problem I am experiencing is the following:

I have a number of videos of me in my elearning shot using my laptop webcam. I have shot myself using Replay and Quicktime. These work fine when I view them exported to mp4. When I insert them into the eLearning (Presenter) sometimes the audio goes slightly out of synch with the video - any idea why?

Thanks again

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Gordon.  I'm sorry that you're bumping into some issues.  

  • When you are seeing the audio and video from the mp4 file out of sync with each other, are you noticing that in Preview within Presenter, or is it after you've published the course
  • Is it always happening with the same video and/or the same slides?
  • Finally, do you have any custom media control buttons (inserted a button to start or stop the file)?

Please feel free to share that package if you'd like us to do some testing.  Thanks, Gordon.