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May 26, 2017

I'm evaluating Studio 360 to see what we can do in it vs Storyline -- I want an easy way to reuse instructor-led PowerPoint slides, and I don't like the result of importing the slides into Storyline.

There used to be separate forums for specific product questions. Is there a section where I can ask Studio 360 questions, are are they all mixed together? I'm finding it really hard to find info just on that product. The search returns a lot of irrelevant results, and 99% seems to be on Storyline.

This Articulate Presenter section seem to be for '13. Where are people asking Studio 360 questions?

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Heather Beaudoin

I just found this documentation:

So, I'll spend some time reading through it. Let me now if there's a forum area for that specifically. 

Also, I'm wondering if I can insert scrolling panels into Presenter 360. This post says it's supported in Studio 360, but I don't see it in Presenter. I'm wondering if it's in Quizmaker or Engage only.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Heather! It looks like you found the Presenter 360 User Guide--that's a great place to start! You may also want to watch the Getting Started Tutorials for Storyline 360 vs. Studio 360 to get a better idea of what can be done in each tool. 

And here's an overview of all of the tools included in Articulate 360 and when to use them, plus user guides for each one!

You can insert scrolling panels in Engage 360 and Quizmaker 360, but not in Presenter 360 at this time. That would make a great feature request, though! Can you tell me more about what you were hoping to do with the scrolling panel? Maybe I can suggest an alternative to help you achieve the same goal!

Heather Beaudoin

Thanks Alyssa!  I added a little more detail of what I'm trying to do here:

I added a Scrolling Panel in Quizmaker just to see how it worked, and I liked it. I'm guessing a Web Object is my best bet. My memory of using them years ago (been using Articulate since 2005) was they were kind of clunky, and I don't have access to a server right now to host the PDF. So.... I was hoping for a different suggestion.  Thank you!

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