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May 26, 2017

I'm evaluating Studio 360 to see what we can do in it vs Storyline -- I want an easy way to reuse instructor-led PowerPoint slides, and I don't like the result of importing the slides into Storyline.

 There used to be separate forums for specific product questions. Is there a section where I can ask Studio 360 questions, are are they all mixed together? I'm finding it really hard to find info just on that product. The search returns a lot of irrelevant results, and 99% seems to be on Storyline.

 First, I'd like an overview of what it can do. I used Studio before Storyline came out, so I know it can't do layers and triggers. Beyond that, I'm assuming it can do more than it used to, and I'm looking for a good overview.

 One specific question... this post leads me to think it can do Scrolling Panels, but I don't see how to do that. Is it only in Quizmaker and not in Presenter? It just says Studio 360 and doesn't specify.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Heather!

Thanks for reaching out here and in this other discussion. Take a look at the links I shared with you, and we can keep the conversation going over there!

And since you asked about how the forum is organized, you can select a specific product from the dropdown menu on the Discuss Articulate Products page. For example, the Presenter category includes both Presenter '13 and Presenter 360. You can choose from the same list of products when you create a new discussion, too!

When searching for something really specific like "Scrolling Panels in Presenter 360", I like to use It's like a Google search, but specifically for Articulate. Give it a try!

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