Studio 360 - ways to link to specific slides in player as reference / FAQ

Jun 07, 2017

I want to have links to some common questions in the top part of the player. I started by thinking I would use the Resources tab (renamed FAQs), but then I realized I couldn't link to specific slides from there. I have a vague memory of the old Studio linking to specific slides but I could be wrong -- maybe it was always just Files & URLs, plus being able to add Engage & Quizmaker.

Am I missing something or are those all my choices? 

Currently I've made my FAQs in slides so they can be in the player menu, but I may have to just make them all in a separate project and link to them... one is a PDF but the others are recorded slides. I'd love to make them a bit more seamless because I'm using them as "related concepts or faqs" while they're going through scenarios in the main project.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Eve!  Are you using Storyline 360?  Engage interactions can be created using Engage 360, which is a part of the Studio set of tools.  Open those with your desktop app:

With Storyline 360, you could create an FAQ lightbox slide and place a tab on the player.  That way, learners can open that lightbox from wherever they are in the course.  That slide can be build the same was as any other slide with triggers to jump to your desired FAQ content.

I hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eve, 

The truly great thing about Articulate 360 is you have access to all those tools, and that provides you with a lot of options. I can understand how that may be overwhelming if you weren't sure which route to take, but here are two options

  1. You could look at adding information in an Engage FAQ and have that as a standalone piece linked to your Storyline course. It won't link to individual slides but can be on one slide that's linked to the player. 

  2. Build your own FAQ inside Storyline which you can link to various slides and have appear on the player throughout the course. If you need an FAQ template to get started, check out the older versions here which you can upgrade to Storyline 360. 

Hope that helps, and let us know if you need anything else as you work with Articulate 360! 

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