SunTotal LMS not recognizing course completion

I have a client who uses SunTotal LMS.

To track completion of modules, learners must complete a specified number of slides.

For example, learners must touch 35 out of 38 slides.

One Section out of four with this same of type setting is not recognizing learners as completing the course even if they touch the required number of slides.

Any idea why this would occur?

The file does include an embedded video. However, there are no hidden slides.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Steve Flowers

I'd look specifically at item #2 on the page Gerry linked above. If that's doesn't resolve your issue you may want to delve into SumTotal specific imsmanifest modifications. They offer some neat features that require configuration through the manifest file. It's possible that the absence of these configurations  is also causing tracking trouble. There's a thread on the old forums that refers to one of these customizations:

2. Check LMS Reporting Status

When you publish your course or quiz from Articulate Presenter or Quizmaker, you’ll see 4 different value pairs under the Reporting and Tracking button in the LMS publish dialog:


The reason for this is twofold:

  1. We support all 4 value pairs, but not all LMSes do.
  2. If your LMS does support all 4, you can choose what pass/fail values you want to display to your users.

If you’re finding that your course or quiz status is not being properly recorded in your LMS, please test the other LMS Reporting options in Articulate -> Publish -> LMS -> Reporting and Tracking. The available options are the following:

  • Passed/Incomplete (Default)
  • Passed/Failed
  • Completed/Incomplete
  • Completed/Failed
Steve Flowers

In the 5 LMS I've worked with publishing content for "completed" / "incomplete" (case sensitive) is the most consistently recognized. Lately I've noticed newer versions have gotten more strict with case of status variables. Older courses stopped working due to a letter case. It's a bummer but easy to fix

Shawn Stiles

That's a good point Steve. With Lectora I can easily change the case of the value of the completion varaibles, but with Articulate I would have to edit the published content to make that change. The probelm with that is in a regulated environment where we had to validate the software for use with our LMS editing published content can be seen by auditors as violating the validation processes and lead to "findings"   It is difficult to understand why the LMS vendors would require specific case for the variable value.  As a friend of mine said to me today, why can't things be easy