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Dwayne Schamp

My process:

In the past, I have removed all uses of the Sync Animations by starting it up, clicking start then stop. This should wipe all syncs.

Save the file as a new version.

Then use the PowerPoint animation panel to synch all animations. better control, and you don't have the issues as noted in the article above.

Dwayne Schamp

I have the audio file open in another program (soundbooth, articulate, goldwave, etc.) and mark the time there where i need things to happen. Then in the animation pane, use the advanced mode to set the exact time. Benefit is I can update the audio file with silence or delete unneeded silence as needed to match the course. Then re-import at the end. Saves me lots of time too not having to wait for the sync anim window to open, close, save, re-open my slide. Then, realizing that i missed one thing, having to redo the entire screen instead of just changing the timing on a couple of objects by hand.