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Rich Banducci


I did a bit of digging and found that – for me – the problem was linked to an upgrade from Microsoft Office 2007 to 365. The tables had been created in Office 2007, once I recreated the tables in Office 365, I no longer had an issue.

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Dirk Manuel

I have the same problem. I am publishing locally, Articulate Presenter '13 and Microsoft Word 2013 on Windows 7. Plenty of memory.

Sometimes it is one table, sometimes another. Sometimes it looks fine, then I republish after making a simple text change to another slide, and it screws one of the tables up again! So I have to check every single slide of a presentation every time I publish (and not just check the one slide I changed). As a workaround I have to cut the table, and then paste it in as an image. Ridiculous.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dirk - I see where you reached out to our support team on a similar issue (01009219), and Renato responded. I'm not sure if you received that response since we did not hear back from you on this topic. If you would like to continue working with our team, you are welcome to do so. If you did not get that e-mail, just let me know and I'd be happy to re-send.