Text disappearing after adding hyperlink

Aug 26, 2016


I use Articulate Studio '13, PowerPoint v.2013 32-bit, Windows 10 and I work on my local hard drive (C:)!

Text keeps disappearing from some slides with several e-learnings. For now I made a new e-learning. There are five text-slides where I have added hyperlinks to a web-page (for example: http://intra1.bdo.nl/AenA/Regelgeving/BDO/Audit_manual/19.pdf). When I preview or publish to LMS the text on some of the slides disappear. But in the same e-learnings there are also text slides with hyperlinks to the web which are not disappearing.

When I remove the hyperlinks the text will not disappear.

There is one slide where the text does not disappear with hyperlinks in it. But the hyperlinks are not working.

There is one slide with a hyperlink where the text does not disappear, but the text is blown up enormously after preview or publish to LMS.

And at last there is also one slide without a hyperlink, but one word is made bold. No problem when previewed or published. But, I also wanted the word to be underlined. And suddenly the text disappears. ??????????

With all these problems only the text disappear. Pictures in the slide are shown. Only the text is gone. The same hyperlinks in Engage-interactions are no problem. So only in PPT.

I am getting pretty desperate here. In the past I contacted Articulate Support, but most of the time they cannot replicate my issues and we cannot find a solution.

Is somebody also experiencing these kind of problems and does anybody have a solution, please???!!!!!


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Jim Powell

I have the same problem. No resolution that I've found but for me the issue only pops up when viewing on an iPad.

It doesn't happen often most often (I think) was when I put a hyperlink in the main title of the powerpoint.  Like a lot of issues, I don't always find all the solutions and thus just avoid the behavior that seems to cause the error. 

Leja Gouwens

Yes, the problem is resolved. Karla found out there was something wrong with the sheets. She made a new Masterslide and used it on the affected slides. Now the text doesn't disappear anymore when using a hyperlink. For the slide that did show text, but the hyperlink was'nt working she found out there were two text boxes overlapping each other. The one with the hyperlink was in the back, so you could'nt click it.

The problem probably started when converting from Articulate Studio '09 to Articulate Studio '13. I am going to fix my template, because the problem probably already starts there. The template was originally built in '09 and then converted to '13.

For the readers: these problems can also pop up when converting existing e-learnings from '09 to '13. So if this is the case, make a new Masterslide and replace the sheets with the problems. It might help.

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