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David Sensenig

Not in the $200-$350 range, but I've found that the mic on my iPhone earbuds works better than any USB mic I've tried. In combination with Audacity's recently improved noise-removal feature, you can get pretty good quality recording with the headphones and editing with Audacity (at least for simple narration).

Cindy Pandke`

One of our developers has been using the http://bluemic.com/snowball/ for a couple of years now with really great results (as with Tila above). We have just purchased a second one as we are doing more and more audio.

We are also turning  a  small closet that is available in our space into a recording studio (cheap one).  We will be hanging blankets on the wall to help with the echo/vibration.  A small desk and computer and we have our studio.   We are open to any other ideas.