Timing issues with Next button

Since I have migrated from Presenter/Quizmaker '09 to '13 I have had nothing but problems with the responsiveness of the next button.  There is no longer any feedback as to when the button is able to be pressed so I went and added a graphic that indicates the last graphic of a page to every screen in my course to help address this.  Even so, sometimes I have to click the Next button again and again and again before the next screen goes forward. I just assumed it was a poor new release but now I am wondering if perhaps I am doing something wrong. Otherwise, I would imagine others would have also complained about the responsiveness. 

Has anyone else noticed weird timing problems with the default Next button? Am using the default player (slate) with restrictive navigation.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Deb -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question, and so sorry to hear that you're having troubles! Could we please take a look at your file to see if we experience the behavior you are describing? You are welcome to upload your Articulate Package, or if privacy is a concern, please use this form to share for confidential offline review. 

Scott Thacher

Hi Deborah -

Though I don’t know the specifics of your situation, here are a couple of thoughts on things that could present as button timing issues:

  1. Check the Presenter Publish Options for the default display length for slides without timed content. (See attached.) When you use restricted navigation, the Next button on a slide will not become active until the time duration specified here has passed.
  2. Define Restricted user mode within the Player options, rather than via Slide Properties. Locking navigation on an individual slide will render the buttons useless, whether the default display length has passed or not.

Perhaps one of these is causing the behavior you’re experiencing. Hope this helps!