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Peter Anderson

Hi Norma

If you've confirmed that you've applied these in your player template:

... and the toggle view button still is not appearing, be sure you're publishing with the same template you've made those selections on. Automatically, Presenter will publish with the most recent template used for publishing, not necessarily the one you are currently working on. 

And if you're still having issues with it, please feel free to contact our support team. Thanks!

Norma Kaplan


Once I changed my template to the Articulate eLearning Course single level, my toggle switch appeared.

When I use the template that I modified slightly, in "Preview" the toggle switch appears, but not when published.  

So what are the best steps to use to make sure the template I want to use is always used.  I'm thinking of modifying the above template and using that and discarding my other template.

Thanks for your assistance.