Tricky Resume issue - to code or not to code

Nov 18, 2013

We have an LMS with mostly named users.

A few contract and temporary users, though, share a generic ID to access basic courses.

Several courses were designed with the ability to resume where the user left off, which is fine for the named users, but causes problems when one of the users of the shared IDs opts to "Resume the course" though he/she has never been in it.

The issue is similar to the one described here

Rather than republish dozens of courses, my current plan is to make a copy of the courses and adjust the playerproperties.xml file to disallow resume in the copies. I'll then set those up for just the users of the shared ID.

That made me wonder, though, if there might be a way to call the username from the LMS interaction, determine whether it's the shared user ID, and then set the UseSuspendData setting accordingly.

If it's shareduser, UseSuspendData = false

If any other user, UseSuspendData = true

Unlikely, I know, but thought I'd ask before throwing in the towel and duplicating a lot of files.

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