Tried all-day - Cannot publish without errors

My Articulate skills are better than some and this dilemma has me scratching my head.  My (previously) published LMS materials needed a player format change.  Today, I cannot successfully publish any powerpoint materials.   I have done everything from clean uninstalls, to clean re-install.   I also did a complete online check/repair of Microsoft 365 Office.   I believe it is in the designs code which tells me little but I am trying.   Images attached.  This is stuff that I took for granted just yesterday.  Today I reach out after all its technology, right?

Any ideas welcomed...

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Robert Colameta

Well, I believe I have a resolution.  Here is what I ended up doing.   Powerpoint 2016 through Microsoft 365 offers smart design items as inserts for slides.   Last season I did publish them LMS without incident.    This season I needed to change a "player" function and when attempting to republish each of the 11 units they would not publish.    It caused me to generate this posting.  I too know that some items can keep materials from publishing and it seems like the resolution is to figure out which smart design image item is causing the glitch.  

The resolution was to go into PowerPoint and on any slide, with a "smart design" item I converted it top "shape".   My choices were to reset the item or convert it to a shape.

After each was converted to a shape the publishing resolved itself.


Thank you, Wendy, for the offer.