Trouble with an animation

Dec 15, 2011

We have an animation that works great in PowerPoint but gets ugly in Presenter.  We've actually had it work in Presenter in the past but no matter what we try, it just won't publish right.

Anyone care to take a look and see what we might be doing wrong?

If you view the slide show in PowerPoint it is very easy to see what is supposed to happen - the book is supposed to open and reveal the contents inside.

Thanks in advance!

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Peter Anderson

Hello Job!

Sometimes when multiple animations are applied to the same object, they may not work as expected when converted to Flash with Presenter '09 if the following conditions are true:

   *  The animations are configured to occur simultaneously (With Previous) or immediately after one another (After Previous).

   *  One of the animations is a motion path.

This is a known issue.  To workaround this issue, configure the second animation to delay by .1 second. 

If there are more than two simultaneous or back-to-back animations on the same object, you may need to configure all animations after the first one to delay by .1 second to achieve the desired effect when converted to Flash with Presenter '09.

Job Dittmer

Thanks for the suggestion but...

it still didn't work.

We beat on it some more this afternoon and finally figured it out.

The cover is supposed to Collapse to the left - but it was moving as it collapsed.

It turned out that she was not collapsing the cover, she was collapsing a "group" that included the cover and a text box that says 'Dictionary'.  The solution was to ungroup and add the text to the image itself so it did not have to be grouped.  I guess Presenter wasn't sure how to handle a Collapse when there was more than one item involved.

Wade Bradt


I have a slide that has a string of animations, beginning with two text boxes, and then several shapes in succession.  I'm not sure I can get a post out from behind the firewall, but the problem is that the first shapes appear on screen at the beginning of the slide when they're supposed to animate on after the text boxes. 


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