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Peter Anderson

Hi again, Julie!

Content published for Web, LMS, or Articulate Online will not work as expected if you are viewing the content outside of the environment for which is was published. This is due to security restrictions from the local computer, the web browser, and the Flash Player.

If you need to distribute your presentation for review without a Web server or LMS, you should first publish for CD.  Then you can either burn the published output to a CD or DVD for distribution, or do the following to distribute via another method (email, network drive, USB drive, etc.):

  1. Zip the content that was published for CD.  (There is a Zip option on the Publish Successful dialog.)
  2. Distribute the zip file via your preferred method (email, network drive, USB drive, etc.).
  3. Users will need to save the zip file to their local hard drive, extract it, and then double-click the Launch_presentation.exe file.  (Playing content directly from a network drive is not supported.)

If you want to view content as it is intended to be viewed in the environment for which you are publishing (Web, LMS, or Articulate Online), you will need to publish the content and upload it to that particular environment, and provide a link for others to review.