two flash animation on one slide

Apr 26, 2012

I want to put 2 flash movies on one slide. How can I do it?

My problem is that I have a long movie (5 min) and I have to do make a subtitles for this movie. I want to put a subtitles to second flash file and place it under the movie.

Thank You for help

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Peter Anderson

Hi Konrad!

You can insert up to three movies (any combination of .SWF,.FLV of .MP4 files) per slide — one in each of the supported display methods (slide, presenter panel, new browser window). So, you could have your main 5-minute video playing at the slide level and your subtitles video playing on the presenter panel, for example. You can learn more here.

Hope that's helpful!

David Anderson
Adam Weisblatt

Hi Peter, I'm assuming that these movies don't have to play concurrently. Remember that the viewer doesn't necessarily know what slide they are on. If you repeat your other graphics exactly from one slide tot he next, it will look to the viewer like one slide. Then you can put a movie on each slide. Don't forget to hide the second slide in navigation.

Just another option.

Prashant Gaikwad

I have recorded video (narration by SME) on one slide but while recording it is done in two separate videos. That is now I have 2 'flv' files for one slide, I want to play those videos in presentor panel one after other on same slide. How to manage this? Alternatively I will like to know if it is possible to merge these 2 'flv' files to create one 'flv' so that I can use it in presentor panel.

Peter Anderson

Hi Prashant, 

I think your best bet would be to merge the two videos using a third-party software. A Google search should provide you with plenty of options. You may already have something installed on your computer that can do it. Then, once you have merged the videos into one, you can insert it into the Presenter panel following these easy steps. Hope that's helpful!

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