Presenter advances before movie has finished

Apr 13, 2012

I have a presenter presentation that includes 5 flash videos that I want to run seamlessly so they appear as one movie to viewers so I have set the slides to advance automatically. ( I have a presentation where this works fine and the slide length is the same as the movie length. )  But with the new one I can't get it to work -the slide runs for 5 seconds and then goes on to next slide. i have tried both syncing and having slide and movie independent.   Of course very infuriatingly I can't check the settings in the one that works and I don't want to mess with it as it works fine at the moment for that one.  Please help!!!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Nóirín.

If you want a movie to play in sync with the slide you should set it up to do that when inserting the movie. If the slide is only playing for 5 seconds and you have audio in your movie, it is likely the movie's audio is not in the main timeline of the movie. Here is an article outlining best practices for creating Flash movies to use with Presenter '09.

Nóirín Nic a' Bháird

Hi Justin.  Idid select the in sync mode when inserting the movie but it didn't work.  It had worked perfectly in my previous presentation and I didn't do anything different this time.  The movie is of the same type as in the previous project that worked so I don't know what could be different.  What does 'the movie's audio is not in the main timeline of the movie'  mean?  We shot the movies, added an audio and the film guy produced it as a .flv file.  As I say the 2 different presentations use flash movies that were prepared in the same studio and I believe are the same.  What else can I do?  Thanks for your help. Nóirín

Nóirín Nic a' Bháird

I'm not sure exactly what you mean because I followed the steps in the link you gave and sent that package.  Is that not what you want?

Here is the response  I sent by email just in case you didn't get it.

Hi Jonathan
Yes I tried deleting the slides and reinserting them but that didn't work either.
If you insert the movie into a new powerpoint file that contains only one slide then the movie will continue until the end even though the slide timer shows only 5 seconds. I tried this too. If you insert 3 slides into a new powerpoint file containing movies the first 2 run for only 5 seconds but the last one will continue to run to the end even though the timer on the slide reads 5 seconds but I think that's just because it's the last slide in the series. Similarly if you preview 3 slides containing movies within a project the first 2 run for only 5 seconds but the last one will continue. BUT it does not work within the project i.e slides with film only run for 5 seconds. I had set the parameters correctly as you suggested the very first time but it doesn't work. In the other project where it does work, when the slide with the movie in it starts, the time on the slide is not 5 seconds but 4 mins which is the length of the movie. This is what should happen I think but something has happened in my new project with this setting.
Any ideas?


Justin Wilcox

When you create a Presenter package, that zips up the PPT and PPTA files respectively as outlined here:

We received your published output which is your player.html file, player folder and data folder.Can you please review the instructions again and make sure you are sending us the correct files?

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