Flash movie doesn't play in Preview or Publish.

Nov 27, 2012

The flash video does not work when inserted using Articulate.  It appears fine on the computer of my aquintances though.  The video does appear, however, when I play it in Presentation mode in PPT.  The video also does not appear as a large square with an X in it, but instead the first screen of the video shows (after I play it once in PPT).


  • I've done the best practices as on this website.
  • I've removed and reinstalled flash
  • I've used different OS, browsers, and computers.
  • I've tested the flash files and they are fine.


 When I Insert Flash Movie, the preview window on the parameters panel plays the FLV without any problems. The Video Placeholder graphic appears on my slide. But when I preview or publish, the slide only shows white space, no video. The seekbar doesn't move--and I can't make it move--although the length of the seekbar is the same length as the video.


The video conforms to "Flash movie best practices" and works for other developers.  Help!

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