FLV does not play when published

Mar 23, 2012

I've inserted an FLV into my project. When I Insert Flash Movie, the preview window on the parameters panel plays the FLV without any problems. The Video Placeholder graphic appears on my slide. But when I preview or publish, the slide only shows white space, no video. The seekbar doesn't move--and I can't make it move--although the length of the seekbar is the same length as the video.

The video conforms to "Flash movie best practices" and was produced using Articulate Video Encoder. I've tried inserting other videos as well, some created with other encoders, but the same results. When I insert an FLV and tell it to play in a separate browser window, it plays just fine.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Alexander!

Curious to know if the below suggested solutions helped resolve your issue:

Are your project files located on your local drive (typically the C:/ drive)? Similarly, do you publish locally? Note that working and publishing to USB drive or network drive can cause issues. 

If you are already working locally, it could be a case of corrupt Flash Player. 

*******Please do the following in Internet Explorer. 

Uninstall your current version of the Flash Player. Follow the steps here: 


Download the latest version of Flash: 


Reboot your computer then republish to test. 

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