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Jul 10, 2013

Hi, I spent several hours trying to get one of numerous .swf files created in 2008 to operate correctly. The .swfs were created by another company for inclusion in an HTML rendered course. We are converting that course using Presenter.

When I insert the .swf into the slide, the .swf displays correctly inside the small preview window on the Insert Flash Movie screen. One of my .swf attempts is a drag and drop exercise. The .swf works correctly inside the Insert Flash Movie screen in the small display window. I have set the movie to Display in Slide. I have selected both Synchronize Movie and Slide and Movie Plays Independently of Slide. Neither works. When published, the screen displays the drag and drop exercise. Dragging images to their boxes fails as the image snaps back to its original position and cannot be dropped.

I have followed all the steps in Presenter's Flash movie best practices that I have control over. I do not have the original Flash source files, only the .swf.

I have also opened the .swf using Swiff Player. The .swf works as designed in Swiff Player. Swiff Player says the Movie Properties are 700X300, 30 FPS, 4 Frames, Requires Flash 6 or higher, 101,861 bytes, and length set to 1 second.

Any thoughts on why the .swf does not play correctly once Presenter publishes it? Any thoughts on what additional steps I can take to resolve this?

I'm baffled that the .swf works in both Swiff Player and inside Presenter's Insert Flash Movie Screen but fails to work when published. Thanks for any help or ideas.

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Steve Gannon

Hi John,

Since it's an interactive .swf, you definitely want to set the movie to play independently. It sounds like you have already reviewed this support document. I realize you don't have the source .FLA file but perhaps you can find out if the developer used ActionScript 3 or included references to _root and _level0...either of which can cause problems.

If you're permitted to share the .swf, I'd be happy to take a look.

Jasmine Etienne-DesVignes

I have also tried inserting it as a web object using this code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Komatsu Amimation</title>
<object width="650" height="488">
<param name="movie" value="Komatsu209.swf">
<embed src =Komatsu209.swf" width="650" height="488">

and when I do I get the "file may have been moved or deleted" error

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