Two Videos on one slide

Nov 03, 2014


is it possible to add two videos on one slide in presenter?

When I try to add a second Video, a dialogbox pops up with the question: "Do you want to replace the existing slide Video?" My answer is "No, I don't want to replace the existing slide Video ..." But then the Integration of the Video just stops.

Strange ...

Can you help me?



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Nelson Diaz

I've noticed it is possible to add 2 or more videos (or SWFs) on a single slide in AP13 if you hide every imported video/swf using the selection and visibility pane in PowerPoint.  Keep in mind you won't be able to synchronize the videos to the player control/scrubber, so make sure to add individual controls to each video, and that they are set to play when clicked. 

To add multiple videos, import the first video and open the selection and visibility pane in PowerPoint (click ALT+F10).  Locate your imported video, which should have been renamed to a long string of alphanumeric characters, and "poke" the eye symbol next to it to hide it.  The video should no longer be visible.  Import your second video and repeat the procedure until you add all of them to the slide.  When finished, click all the empty eye boxes to restore visibility of all the videos, otherwise they will not publish.

Rob Blankenship

A few other tricks you can try:

1.  We use poster images to put multiple links to videos on one slide.

2.  At times we use multiple layers to allow for multiple videos in one slide.

3.  If we want to have two videos playing simultaneously, we combine them in a video tool and then export them into one single video.


Darrell Bird

Another method that works is to use Quizmaker for that page.  You can use a blank slide in Quizmaker and insert multiple videos.  Use the timeline to set the duration of each of the inserted videos.  As the first completes it will disappear, then have the second appear and begin.  You can then add as many video clips as needed.  When you save this back into the Presenter file, it comes in as a single slide.


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