Unable to publish Greek characters

Jun 14, 2014

Hi all.  I have some slides which discuss some equations.  Most of these are very simply written, eg m = f x t.  Nothing wrong there.  But when there is a Greek character used, the publishing crashes.  This is very easy to reproduce - just create a blank presentation and put a single Greek character on it.  Preview or publish the slide and bang, it crashes.

This was not an issue with 09 content.

Does anyone have experience with this and perhaps a workaround?

And yes, running off C: only, and I have done a repair of Studio 13 (update 2).

Thanks for any help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Paul,

I don't know Greek, but I did use Google Translate to create a simple phrase. I used that phrase with Greek Characters in a project and I was able to preview it successfully.

I also published, just to test this, and the project displays successfully:

Testing Greek Characters

I'm also attaching the project file, just in case you would like to test it on your end. 

If this works for you on your end, it might help to create an Articulate Package and share the file here. Please keep in mind, however, that the maximum file size for the forums is 20MB. 



Paul Barker

Hi Christine.  No, I don't know Greek either, but it's pretty common in mathematical equations.  I see your test did work.

I spent more time on this and ended up finding the reason was linked to the template.  I can't saw why, but any Greek character on our template would fail when publishing.  I uninstalled and reinstalled Studio but that didn't help.  The only way I managed to get around this was to totally rebuild the template and apply it to the slides with Greek characters.

I've managed to publish these lessons but I got no closer to what the error was.  At least I now have a template that I can use if I strike this again.

Thanks for your efforts.


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