Update Engage Interaction in Presenter '13

For some reason, my updated Engage interactions are no updating in presenter; the old version is still displayed after publish (not during preview though). It used to be that you could follow these instructions:


But '13 doesn't seem to have the same option - am I looking in the wrong place?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ashley!

How are you viewing the project after you've published?

Make sure you're not viewing it locally. Viewing published content on your local hard drive or a network drive isn't supported. Security restrictions in these environments can cause various features in your content to fail.

If you're uploading to a web server or LMS, try clearing your web browser cache.

If that doesn't help, try a different browser (preferably one that wasn't used to view the old project) and see if the old content still shows up.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for that information - have you had any luck clearing your cache or testing in a different web browser?

You may also want to try changing the name of the project and uploading again so that you're not overwriting the original content. This is just for testing purposes to see if there might be some caching issues on the server as well. 

If you've tried this and still have trouble, you're welcome to share an Articulate Package here. I'd be happy to take a look.