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Jul 11, 2012

How do I add a uPerform simulation to a Presenter '09 course? Thanks!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Marie,

Depending on the format of your uPerform content, you can include it in your presentation in a number of ways. I don't know much about uPerform, but it looks like you have several options to publish your uPerform content: HTML, PDF, PPT, and Word; all of which can be worked into your Presenter course in one way or another. HTML could be included as a web object, for instance. A Word or PDF can be included as an attachment...

What's your preference?

Travis Thompson

Hi Marie,

You have to package the uPerform simulation output files into the zipped Presenter SCORM file.  It takes a bit of trial and error to get the file structure right, and your LMS may read the zip file as containing two separate courses...which may require you using Adobe DreamWeaver to edit the ims manifest file...

The other option: purchase Storyline - it packages the files for you and takes all the manual manipulation out of the process. 

Word of warning before you go to too much trouble: Even though our team got both of the above options work offline, neither ever worked through our LMS (Cornerstone on Demand).  We abandoned the idea of using uPerform simulations inside Articulate courses because we were blowing so many man-hours trying to get it to work. 

Our bootleg workaround was to publish the uPerform simulations as individual courses in our LMS, then hyperlink the uPerform courses to buttons within an Articulate Presenter module.  It wasn't the cleanest solution but it worked.

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