"upgraded" Presenter file from Presenter '13 to 360 results in blank screen on client's I.E. screen. Chrome okay. NO way to revert to working version in '13

So I spent days reworking some materials so that it'd be ready for Studio 360, I published it in Presenter 360 and now when viewed in the LMS using IE 11 the course frame comes up but the screen is blank.  When the same course is viewed in Chrome it's okay.  Our client is a major company that will not allow their people to use Chrome (I tried to reason with them).  Now they're (Very) angry because they have a bunch of students trying to log into my newly "upgraded" program (using Articulate 360 so that I could get better mobile device useage) and it just... doesn't.... work. Very frustrating.

I have tried "compatibility view" in IE 11 and nothing.  I've tried different computers too.  Mine is Win 7 64 professional.



PS Works in Firefox just fine.  In Safari on a PC the course window loads with the Nav bars loads but I get a spinning wheel of nothing in the screen (reminiscent of the flash issue you guys had). Help. Please.

Flash ver installed

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Jim Powell

I went and purchased a subscription to browserstack.com to try and make some progress on this issue.

Internet explorer 8 works fine.

Internet explorer 9 works fine.

Internet explorer 10 doesn't work nor does IE 11. 

So what's the difference, what do we have to do to get my users to see my Articulate 360 (Presenter Content).  This is killing me folks, I"M trying to switch from Presnter 13 to 360 but all I'm getting is more difficulty.  If I go to a backup of this presenter program and publish it in '13 it works.  So what happened with 360 that kills this functionality on IE 10 and IE 11?

Crystal Horn

Hey Jim.  These are the system requirements for viewing content created in Presenter 360.  What are your HTML5 and Flash settings when publishing?  How are those students setup on their end in terms of Flash enablement?  Are you seeing the same issue in Internet Explorer if you load your LMS output onto SCORM Cloud?  If it works in SCORM Cloud, I would want to know what their LMS support has to say, as well.

It sounds like you're getting some immediate feedback from your client that needs to be handled quickly- can you submit a case to our support team so that they can continue to help you?  They're available 24/7, and we moderators will be done for the evening!