URGENT: LMS not reading SCORM

Oct 05, 2012

Initially the issue was that the learning management system was not syncing with Articulate and registering that a user completed the training course.  To solve the issue we:

- Added in a quiz (graded) that someone was completing a course - It didn't work

- Changed all the settings to "Restricted" so that the system registered when someone viewed the last slide - It didn't work

Has anyone had issues with the LMS not registering that someone has completed a course?  What features in Articulate sync with a LMS that would trigger it to show "completed"? 


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Erin C

Also, in an effort to solve the issue, when we added "Restricted" settings to the template, it almost doubled the file size from 12KB to 22BD.  Now the LMS will not even upload the file since it is too large.  My second question then is what makes an Articulate file so large?  We even zipped it and it still did not work. 

Bob S


Have you isolated the issue to the Articulate package itself?

I ask because often times the issue you are describing (not registering that a user completed course) is a communication issue between the browser and the LMS.

For example:

  •  If security settings like disable scripting are selected, the browser cannot communicate back to the lms the status of the course.
  • Some LMS's do not play nice with some browsers for this very same reason so it may work on IE, but not Safari.

Have you tried other courses on the same lms with the same pc on the same browser and had them work?

Hope this helps,


Erin C

I am not sure with the security setting "disable scripting" is. 

I agree, I do think the issue is with the communication between LMS and Articulate.  It could be the Articulate settings, since although my computer has never (not today and not ever) sent a published Articulate the LMS, the woman who is in charge of uploading to the LMS system has uploaded three other courses today alone - courses from different creators. 

Are there other settings I should change?

I am using Internet Explorer, too. 

Bob S


When I try to figure this stuff out, the first thing I do is to try and isolate the issue to see if it's a problem with the content or with the lms/browser communication.

One way to do that is to think about this question...

Have you tried completing other courses on the same lms with the same pc on the same browser and had them work?

If you/your learner can complete other courses on the same LMS and have them work properly, it's likely a content issue. In other words, a setting or something in the Articulate Presenter package you've published.

If NO courses work for you/that learner on the LMS, it's likely a communication issue. Possibly the one Phil references above. In other words, nothing to do with the Articulate Presenter package you've published.

Someone else may have a better way to help you diagnose the issue, but that's how I start.

Hope this helps,


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