URL Links Need to Open New Browser

I have a project with several links to various internal policies.  As it is now, if the user clicks a link, a browser window opens and the policy is displayed.  The problem comes when the user moves back over to the course (leaving the policy window open) and then clicks another policy URL.... nothing happens.  Well, of course, it does happen, but it's hidden form the user's view.  The new policy is displayed in the currently-open window which is now behind the course and not visible to the user.

Is there any way to have a whole new browser session open when a link is clicked in the course?  Or any way that anyone knows of to force the currently-open browser to the top?  I've tried the various parameters for the link within PP (top, parent, blank), and they work in PP, but when published in Articulate the browser behavior is always the same.  I've inserted these as web objects, but then that forces the user to look at each policy when only one or two may apply to them.

Does anyone have an idea?  THANKS!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Mary and welcome to Heroes! I would try experimenting with incorporating the links as Web Objects. You could then branch your users to those slides using Hyperlinks and then use Branching to send them back to the original page. If your web pages are able to work within the confines of the slide, that might be a neater way to let them view external web content.

blair parkin

Hi Mary

Following on from Justin's suggestion I have just done a very similar thing. I inserted a link using Web Object with it set to open in a new window but to open 3 seconds after the user got to that slide. Then I could put instructions on the slide saying a new window was going to open and to close that window once they had finished viewing it. Heres a screen shot that hopefully explains a bit more


Mary Young

Thanks for your reply.  I did experiment with inserting these as web objects, but there's not a way (that I could see) to allow the user an option to open the web object.  So, of the 10 or policies detailed in this module, maybe a user only needs to read one or two. They would still have to deal with each one opening on the screen. 

Right now, that's our best option.  Users can certainly close the window and return to the course.  The policies are wide, so I don't want to display on the slide (too hard to read). 

The person I'm creating this for wants the user to be able to click a link and the document open in a new browser window (not use a currently-open one) so that it's on the top.  I don't think this is doable, but the list of things I've been wrong about before is pretty long ..., didn't want to add to it.