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Bill Harnage

Hi Malcolm,

Yes to all.

If you're publishing to an LMS then you can alter the slide count in the reporting settings at publish - assuming you're not marking completion with some type of quiz.

Another option, if you're using a quiz to mark completion, you can edit the player properties and restrict the navigation so that the user can't skip forward. They have to go linearly.

As for the time, if you have animations the movie will default to the total slide animation(s) duration. Otherwise, you can edit Presenters properties and change the side duration to however many seconds you'd like - default is 2sec, I believe.


Sayuj Ravindran

Hi Malcolm,

To make sure that a user views every slide:

- Player Templates -> Naviagtion: 'Locked - user cannot change slides'

To force them to view every slide for 10 secs:

  • If there is audio in your slide, make sure it is for 10 secs (you may insert silence if required) and then give the below setting also if you have the seekbar displayed.

- Player Template -> Player Controls: Deactive the option 'Allow user to seek within seekbar'

  • If there is no audio in your slides, you may play with the Publish Options under the Presentation Options window:

Hope this helps...