Using a custom preloader with Server2Go

Hey everyone.  I've tried searching for this on Google and I can't find a blog or anything where someone has tried using Server2Go with a custom preloader.  I'm wanting to know if my preloader is working, but my company doesn't want me to publish the presentation to the internet until we're ready to release it to the public.  So, I can't test my preloader on the internet.  Kind of creating half-blind here.

I was hoping, though, that Server2Go would create a web-like environment for my CD and I'd be able to use HTTP Watch to see if my preloader is indeed working, loading the FLVs in the background while my presentation is running.  Has anyone tried this?  I would GREATLY appreciate help on this.  I really like how in this community if one person has a question, it might help someone else and they can come in and ask their questions, too.  I love how we all help each other.  I hope someone has some advice for my topic and that it helps someone else, too, down the line.

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