using Adobe Contribute to add Articulate to intranet site

So, not sure if this is doable or not. Sure could use some good guidance. 

I've published a tutorial on Articulate Presenter 09 and would like to embed that into a page of our companies intranet site using Adobe Contribute. 

Contribute only allows you to choose a single file as opposed to a folder so what's the easiest way for me to do that with a published Articulate folder. 

Do I zip after publishing to web, is there some additional steps I am missing? 

I've seen previous posts on using FTP's, Iframes etc but these seem to pertain to website and not a company intranet set. 

I'd be stoked for any help out there 

Cheers much


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Aaron  Walker

Thanks for the swift reply Brian. I don't need to track it at all, just need to embed it on a page of our intranet site. 

We use Adobe Contribute to do that but I think this statement about Adobe Connect is exactly the issue with Contribute.

"Although you can track Articulate Presenter ’09 presentations in Adobe Connect, you will not be able to share Articulate Presenter ’09 presentations in Adobe Connect Meeting.  Adobe Connect Meeting only allows one file to load at a time (e.g., a single SWF or a single HTML file).  Since Articulate content relies on multiple files to function properly, you will not be able to display an Articulate Presenter ’09 presentation in Adobe Connect Meeting".

I'll dig a little deeper into our capabilities with our IT department and see if we can just link to it on another site. 



As an aside, what is the status of beta testing on Storyboard. Tom sent me a link to apply to have myself and colleagues be on the testers list but I haven't heard anything else about it, this was months ago. Do you have any insight? 

Brian Batt

Hi Aaron,

All public information about Storyline is here:

We haven't offered any concrete time frames for when the beta will begin or a release date. We've never really tied ourselves down to dates, we'll move to beta when we are ready.

Also, per this post:


One note about Storyline beta: we’re going to start with a fairly small group to make sure the build is working properly before widening the net in subsequent beta releases.  So if you don’t make it in the first round, you might make it into the next round.  And to be honest, the response to join the beta has been far bigger than what predicted – we just can’t manage a beta the size required to let everyone in.  Of course everyone will be able to download a trial version once we launch.