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Nelson Diaz

I started using the 16:9 aspect ratio after switching to Presenter '13 from Presenter '09 in order to match the ratio of the '09 player without the navigation menu.  Haven't had any issues so far and I like the extra space.  It appears that virtually all PC monitor & laptop manufacturers have moved to the 16:9 aspect ratio since 2010 and somewhere I read that Microsoft recommends a 16:9 display for tablets running Windows 8. 

However, one of the benefits of Presenter is the ability to rapidly develop a course based on an existing PowerPoint presentation.  Since all presentations we use corporate-wide have the 4:3 aspect ratio, all of a sudden the 16:9 template becomes a problem because all the existing content gets distorted (stretches horizontally to fit the new ratio) when imported into the new template.  To avoid the distorted graphics, I have to manually select all the assets in a 4:3 slide, copy and then paste them into the wide ratio template, one slide at a time.  I guess you need to consider this if your content source is going to come mainly from existing PowerPoint presentations.