Video in presenter panel and dummy sound


I'm lookong for the best way to synchronize video in presenter panel and powertpoint animation placed on a main window. Some users clamis that when put a dummy audio file (with silence) in to the slide and the lenght of this file is the same as an video the synchronization is good.

But I have a questions:

Do I have to put e.g. 4 minutes audio file (for 4 minutes video) or is it enough to put only a few seconds silence file and copy and paste a few times in audio editor in articulate?

Thank You for answer

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Konrad.

I wouldn't necessarily do that. I think the simplest way to synchronize video with animations in PowerPoint is:

  1. Do not use long video segments. The shorter the video, the better the synchronization.
  2. Don't use fast animations. Fast animations need to be synched exactly and that is not really possible with Presenter panel video and animations in PowerPoint. Your best bet is to minimize the number of animations and the speed at which they appear. The simpler the animation sequence, the easier it will be to sync in a way that appears correct to the end-user.
David Anderson

Hi Konrad - Adobe Flash has a time limit of around 8 1/2 minutes so your 9min video may not work correctly. Here's a general technote on using Flash with Articulate Studio:

Can you share a sample of what you're trying to sync? Perhaps some creative workarounds exist that would help.