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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Emily! Couple things going on here:

  • In order to use video in Articulate Presenter, you'll need to use a movie that is n the format of FLV, MP4, or SWF. So, you'll need to convert your WMV into one of those supported formats. If you have Articulate Video Encoder, you could use that to convert to FLV. If you don't have Articulate Video Encoder and you don't own another conversion tool, you might look into a free online tool called Format Factory; a lot of people in the community use it.
  • Also, once you convert your video to a supported format, you'll need to insert it via the Articulate menu (don't use PowerPoint's Insert > Video option, instead go to the Articulate menu and select Flash Video). Here's a tutorial that walks through how to insert a movie onto your slide.

Hope that helps!