VIDEO: SCORM Videos Missing, publishing problems

Nov 10, 2015

I'm having issues getting videos to show up in a SCORM course in all browsers.

I've recorded a video of the issue I'm having here:


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott! 

Thanks for putting together such a great video, sorry that it had to be because you were having difficulty though.

So, we would not expect your course published to LMS to work when you view locally in your browser. 

  • View Presentation: This launches the presentation in your web browser. If you want to test your published presentation, though, it's best not to do it this way. Since your published output was created specifically for use with an LMS, you should instead upload the published output to your LMS, and test it from there to make sure it behaves as expected in the environment where you plan to use it.

Details in this tutorial.

Wall Street Prep

Thanks Leslie,

Unfortunately I've tried this as well - I've published this exact project
as a zip file and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud, and it behaves the same exact
way, with videos missing. My client has also imported this test
presentation into their LMS and it produces the exact same result.

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