Volume Control & Getting Rid of Clicks

Mar 23, 2011

Any tips on how to get consistent volume across the entire presentation?  I do the recording all at the same time, sitting in same place, with mike never moving and it seems to go up and down.  I know I can edit it, just wonder if there is something I can do up front.  I do all my recording in Presenter.

Also, the mouse clicks are so LOUD. I do my narrations first, then go back in to add annotations or animations but even the stop the narration button click is on the audio.  I tried silencing them in the editor but it made for some very weird silences between the low white noise.

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Ron Price

Those clicking noises can be aggravating.  There are several ways you can approach the issue.  One of the most common, is the solution Anne mentioned - recording and syncing separately.  If you are getting the stop recording click and having trouble deleting or silencing it, try giving your self a count of two or so after you finish reading before clicking stop. This gives you a little more space to work with in Audio Editor.  Another solution (for laptop users) is to trigger the end of your recording with the track pad - much quieter.  A headset mic with noise cancelling features can help with this as well. (There are some who do not like noise cancelling features, but one of the positive side effects is "no clicking noises".  I also put my mic in its on sound booth (see pic) with helps -  mouse is out side of the booth - and I do not have to worry about a noise cancelling mic altering my beautiful voice (laughter).

David Anderson

Hi Anne,

This post from Tom might give you some more ideas: http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/10-free-audio-programs-to-use-for-e-learning/

In particular, a lot of us like the free audio program, Levelator, to even out our audio files. Here's a quick Screenr Tom put together on using Levelator: https://player.vimeo.com/video/204933333

I've never had an issue with mouse clicks, but certainly have with keyboards. It looks like some mice manufacturers actually sell "silent" mice--no clicking sounds Maybe that would be another option?

Christina Atamian

Anne, I use the method Ron mentioned with using my touch pad on my laptop rather than my mouse. It works great! Although, lately I've started going into the Audio Editor to remove the last couple seconds of "white noise"  or "humming noise" at the end of each slide. It seems to make the audio sound more polished...with not tell tale sound that the narration is ending. If that makes sense.

Ron, nice mic booth! And, you do have a beautiful voice...no laughter

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