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Nov 02, 2011

Hey Heroes,

I need to import a Captivate software simulation into a Presenter project.  I have follwed the recommended steps, and renamed the HTML file to index.html.  When i go to insert the web object i get an error saying: "could not locate "index.html" or 'index.htm' in the specified folder. 

Can anyone help with this?


I read a post here in the forum yesterday suggesting to publish from captivate to a FRV video and then use a vidoe encoder to createa SWF of Flash movie.  I tried this with (Format Factory) and it seems to work on my local drive.  Do you know of any issues with this that might relate to the AS2 and AS3 issues.  

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Peter Anderson

Hey there, Derek!

For the first part of your question, the index.html file needs to reside in a folder, so you'll need to browse to that folder that contains the index.html file. Have you checked to make sure the file is not a txt file?

Also, you can publish directly from Captivate 5 to MP4, so you may be able to avoid some complication that way...

yuna B

I'm trying to do something similar. I have an as3 file from captivate that I'm adding as a web object per the directions I've seen on some screenr examples.

All works well in preview, then I publish and put it on scorm.com and the file on that page of my presentation doesn't load. the slide just times out and goes to the next one.

I am using presenter 09 and IE 10. This works fine on chrome, btw, but IE10 is the default browser at work :(

any suggestions for me?



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