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Apr 29, 2011

Hi all, 

I am using Presenter 9 and inserting Captivate 5 SWF interactions as web objects. I want them to appear as seamless as possible in my screens, so their background color is the same as the lesson background color.  Thanks to help from Articulate, I finally managed to eliminate all SWF borders by creating new index.htm and subindex.htm files. Through trial & error, I  also determined the best size to make the Articulate screens' web object placeholders -- any smaller and the SWFs appear with scroll bars, any larger and the small white margins on the right & left of the SWFs increase.  

However, I would like to eliminate the remaining white margins entirely. If that is not possible, can I change the background color of the Web Object space from white to the background color of my lesson and web object (D9D9D9 or 217 217 217)?

Attached GIF shows the remaining white margin.  Any ideas? 

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Debbie Chaddock

Phil, thanks for your tip. I have tried making the Captivate background color gray (under Preferences/Global defaultsbackgd color), the background border color gray (in skin editor), and added a "BGCOLOR" line to the subindex HTML file, and none of those actions has removed the remaining white margin.

Here is the text in my index and subindex files for the web object:

Index file:

Subindex file:

Please let me know if you have any insights. Thanks!

Paul Smit

Hi Debbie,

The text that you added in your previous post isn't showing.  Please try adding the index and subindex files as attachments.  I uploaded mine here (http://community.articulate.com/forums/t/6795.aspx) a while back and have also tried all of your fixes before now without any luck.

For now, I'm just living with the padding, but the perfectionist in me is pretty frustrated by it.


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