Web object question: can I use it to play a WMV?

Dec 27, 2010

I know that Presenter supports mp4, swf, and flv video formats, but I thought I had read somewhere here recently that you can put a WMV into your course by using a web object. So I'm trying to do that. But when I go to select the file for my web object, I can only choose the folder (not the file). And then if I choose the folder that contains my WMV, it doesn't work. I get a message that Presenter can't locate an index file.

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Bob Lander

Yeah, you'll need to embed the WMV into an html page first. Then you can do either of two things;

Put it online and then paste the URL into the Address field when you add it as a web object (see tutorial here)


If it's not in an online location (like if it's on your own hard drive), you'd want to call the file index.htm or index.html, and place it in a folder by itself. Then to insert it as a web object, click the little folder to the right of the "address" field and select the folder. (see tutorial here)

Hope that helps

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