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May 11, 2011

I signed up for and created a little Prezi presentation.  I see that I can embed the prezi html it into my web editor and save as an html file and import that as a web object in presenter and it works just fine.  My question is, can you manipulate the code in such a way that the presentation starts and runs automatically without the end user having to choose autorun, AND can you disable the Prezi playbar so that essentially, you have an autorunning flash presentation?  Thanks guys...having fun!

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slide dynamic

A few things:

If you want to prezi in a webobject to autoload try this

just change the ref with yours

If you want to embed an offline prezi in articulate try this tutorial. Files also

As for Autoplay with imndividual timed transitions. We have an aftermark app for that. Also allos you to sync Audio

Denise Delaney

Hi All,

I have embeded an offfline prezi in articulate following Jonathan's instructions and I'm getting several errors:

  • Adobe Flash Player Security....stopped unsfe operation, I clicked Settings, then got...
  • Internet Explorer Security: A website wants to open web  content using this program on your computer, I clicked allow, then got...
  • Flash player settings manager, I selected the second option of: Ask me before allowing new sites to save information on this computer., then I closed the dialog box since there wasn't a save button
  • I relaunched the player and the same thing happend...the Articulate screen opens but the page remains blank.

Any ideas on how to fix this?  thanks so much!!!



julz dyer

Auto play and auto start really make a Prezi a powerful tool but it seems everyone is struggling with implementing this.

I found even this didn't work:

The only way I got it working was to use the Prezi API which also allows you to disable navigation, set time intervals between path jumps etc..

I recommend googling Prezi API and learning how to use it, If anyone needs assistance to get this working commercially I may be able to help for a small donation.

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