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Jul 02, 2011

Hi All,

I'm inserting my captivate5 simulations as web objects because of the compatibility issue, but now I have a new issue. Here's the behavior I want:

1) show introduction slide with a link to launch the simulation

2) duplicate and hide slide and place web object on it, simulation plays

3) when simulation finishes, the presentation goes back to the slide with the launch link on it

4) the user can launch again, or click the NEXT button to move forward (user controlled presentation)

I was able to make that happen, and it's great! I had to use a scratch object with a timing animation that lasted the length of the simulation. All seemed (too) perfect, and then I paused the simulation to review the script. My timed object got to max time and the simulation ended, and I was taken back to the launch slide.

I know I can set the slide to manual and let the user click next, but it was just a little cleaner to have that happen automatically. Can anyone think of a way to make that work?

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Justin Wilcox

HI Lisa. I would really recommend just having the user click next rather than have the slide advance automatically. When the presentation goes online it's really unlikely that synchronous effect you are seeing is going to work that well online since a Captivate movie and your presentation are not necessarily going to load at the same time and in sync. So I think you would find you would have more issues doing it that way than simply letting the user advance the slide whenever they are ready.

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