When is completion record sent to LMS?

We are using SCORM 1.2 and have LMS Reporting set to Passed/Incomplete. We have left the Track using number of slides reviewed radio button unselected. And Track using quiz results is set to 0%.

Question: Our LMS manager is asking, " When exactly is the Completion record being sent to the LMS?" We ourselves are not sure if it is taking place after the Finish button in the quiz is selected or when the audio in final slide of the lesson has finished and the text "Completed" has appeared in the slide bar window.

Can someone help us clarify what and when it is being sent to our LMS?


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Justin Wilcox

Hi Oliver,

To see exactly what's happening behind the scenes, take a look at this article and sign up for the SCORM Cloud:


There you can check out debug logs and see what exactly is being communicated to the LMS and when it is being communicated.