Where'd my avatar go?

Recently I purchased a new computer, and transferred all of my previous Articulate projects, as well as the original PPT versions, to the new computer.  The program I had created included an animated avatar (that served as the "facilitator/guide" for the course), which was inserted as a flash file.  It all worked fine on the old computer, but when the client requested a few minor editors to one slide and I populated the program on my new computer, there is just a big box with a black "X" where the flash avatar had been.  

I double-checked to make sure that all the native character-generator files were still on my computer, and double-and-triple checked to make sure I wasn't missing anything.  But....still nothing.

All other animations, engage interactions, quizzes and videos work fine in the program.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be elated.



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Vicki Kunkel

Thanks, Sharon.  I know that is what I have to do, I guess I was just looking for a quick fix to re-establish the connection, other than reimporting the files.  I only need to make one minor change on one slide, but the program is 36 slides.  So, I will have to reimport each individual flash file for each slide, and I was hoping to avoid that much time consumption.

Oh well...guess I'd better get busy reimporting all those files then.   Thanks for your response.

Have a great day and a good weekend! :)

Vicki Kunkel

Good morning, Phil.

Thanks for the insights.  Yes, I do know to do that as well, for an individual slide.  What I am trying to do is avoid having to either re-insert or change the location on each individual slide.  In other words, I want to re-establish a link for the individual flash files on ALL slides in the presentation at once, not each individual slide, as I already know how to do that.

Sorry my question wasn't clear. That's what happens when I try to multitask. LOL!

Phil Mayor


Not possible, but you can use this method to speed up the reconnection.  Store all of the flash files (ensure they have the same name as when you originally inserted them) in one folder, right click one of the files in the folder and copy the path.  You then just need to go into each object and paste the path.  If you have ppt 2003 you could even record this as a macro.  Unfortunately the record macro function has been removed from 2007+ so you would have to write it yourself