Why there is disturbance in audio in starting of each slide

Jan 31, 2012

Hi Team,

What do i need to do ?

Convert my existing powerpoint slides containing audio to presenter slides.

What i did ?

Saved my powerpoint slides as a webpage and extracted all the audio files.

How I did ?

Used these audio files to create a playlist by using the "Presentation Options" menu.

Changed the "Slide Properties" to add the newly created playlist  "Audio1".

What I expected ?

the audio files get inserted in the presenter slides and run smoothly.

What actually happened ?

The audio files got inserted as expected, however before the beginning of audio files in each slide, there is a very annoying sound (for approx 2 sec), which shall not be there.

Where I need your team's help ?

Need to know, how can i  remove this annoying sound before the starting of actual audio file in each presenter slide.

Thanks in anticipation.

Best Regards,


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Mike Chapman

Hi Nikhil,

I would try a different method of extracting the audio, as it's possible that saving as a webpage has affects the audio. If you're using PowerPoint 2007 or later with the .pptx extension, this is an XML-based format. You can "unzip" this format directly and retrieve the audio files as embedded, without the step of saving as a webpage. The files would be located under the ...\ppt\media directory.

However you extract the waveforms, you can view them directly using a sound editor like Audacity.

Hope that helps,


Nikhil Madan

Hi Mike,

Thanks a ton for your reply. Importing the audio helped.

However, may i know, whats the difference b/w importing the audio and creating a playlist and using it ?

Secondaly, i didnt understand by what you mean  , "You can "unzip" this format directly and retrieve the audio files as embedded, without the step of saving as a webpage". Can you please elobrate a bit. May be it can help me in future sometime.

Help Appreciated

Best Regards,


Mike Chapman

Hi Nikhil,

Importing audio is intended for the audio for each slide, such as narration and character voices. A playlist is more for background audio, such as music. I'm not sure which fits your intention best. You can see a bit more here:



I searched for a page that would explain the unzipping of pptx format, and found that Tom Kuhlmann made a blog post about it:


Hope that helps,


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