Why won't my course show 100% complete?

Hi. I have a presenter course which is glitching for one user. The course is on our proprietory LMS, has no test, and is set to pass/incomplete if 31 of 32 slides are viewed (Scorm2004).

The problem is this. When one user completes the course, the LMS records a fail/75%, instead of pass/100% (it works fine for other users).

When I logged on as the user, I encountered the "Would you like to resume where you left off?" screen, selected yes, but noticed that only one of the 15 menu items were displayed, and the presentation started from the beginning again. It then froze (white screen) after about half of the 15 minute course was complete. The LMS again read fail/75%.

I opened the course again under the same username, but this time restarted it. It completed OK, the full menu was there, the LMS recorded a pass, but the score was still 75%. Looking at the message log in Firebug, I notice that a cmi.score.scaled 75% has popped up. Where did that come from, and is it causing my problem? Or is this a resume issue? (The course is set to prompt to resume, and ignore cookies when running in an LMS).

I realize this does sound like an LMS issue, but I just wanted to ask the community if anyone else has seen these symptoms before I chase up my IT support team.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Firebug initial message:

bcache cmi.success_status unknown

bcache cmi.score.raw 15

bcache cmi.suspend_data viewed=1,2,3,4|lastviewedslide=4|undefined#1#####-1

bcache cmi.location 16

bcache cmi.score._children scaled,min,max,raw

bcache cmi.total_time PT2H59M28.62S

bcache cmi.session_time PT56.14S

bcache _internal.pref_limitusage Y

bcache _internal.pref_scope DEPA

bcache cmi.score.max 20

bcache cmi.exit suspend

bcache cmi.score.min 0

bcache _internal.pref_limit 0.7

bcache cmi.score.scaled 0.75

bcache cmi.mode normal

bcache cmi.completion_status incomplete

bcache _internal.pref_scope_id 6300717

bcache cmi.credit credit

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steven,

I do agree that it sounds like an LMS issue. It actually sounds like an account issue to me, too - I'm wondering if they'd be able to reset/fix the account, or maybe the user could have a new account created and see if that resolves the problem?

You posted this quite a while ago. Have you had a chance to reach out the LMS? I'd be curious to see what they have to say, and whether or not it is an account-specific issue.

Best of luck!

Steven McAneney

I just noticed that only 15 of the 32 slides are being reported to the LMS in cmi.score.raw, despite them all having been completed. I have no idea where the cmi.score.max 20 came from (not me!), but our LMS just divides the two to to come up with cmi.score.scaled in the event no e-learning set pass mark is received.

So, the problem is that neither the true raw score nor the cmi.score.scaled value are reaching the LMS, for this one user only. Repeatedly. Still think it's LMS? Could it be an internet speed/security problem? Other Articulate/Captivate courses that are set to pass/fail and have a test are fine.

FYI I have sent a support request to our IT team, but I suspect the finger is going to be pointed backwards and forwards a bit....

Thanks for the response.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Steven,

Ahhh - that does make sense. I'm honestly not pointing! I still think it might be an account issue, but it could very well be an issue with the users web browser, internet connection, possibly security/antivirus even?

Do you have any idea what type of connection they're using? Do they know of any service interruptions? Are they sticking to a specific web browser, or have they tried others?

Have you had the chance, or do you have the ability to try and create a test account for them to use? That would at least narrow down whether or not it's something specific to their machine, or the account they're using to access the course.

Hopefully this will get smoothed out for you soon! :)


Rebecca Sammons

Same issue Steven.  This is an issue when the SCORM file is generated.  The scormdriver.js file has a FORCED_COMMIT_TIME field in it set to default at 60000 milliseconds.

If you are idle on a question for 60 seconds or longer, the Raw score is reported to the LMS and won't update even when the quiz is complete.

Did you find a fix for this at all?  It's been 8 years, so I hope so.  Thanks!