"You must pass quiz..." message gives wrong slide number

Oct 05, 2011

Hi there. I have an e-Learning course in Articulate that has a few hidden slides. I also have several knowledge check quizzes throughout the training that I want learners to pass before proceeding. So I have set Allow user to leave Quiz to "at any time" and User may view slides after quiz to "After passing quiz".  This allows users to leave the quiz to review the previous material, if they're having trouble, but not move ahead.

Thus, when viewing the course, if the learner tries to view material ahead of the quiz, they see a message that says "You must pass the quiz at slide XX to advance." The problem is that the message is giving them the slide number that includes the hidden slides, but the Outline is not showing the hidden slides, so the numbers do not correspond.

For example, I have just 3 hidden slides, so the message says to pass the quiz at slide 51, but the Outline number for that quiz slid is 48. Any suggestions? If I can't fix it, I'll just allow them to move pass the quiz without passing, but I really do not want to do that if I can avoid it.


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Wendy Jaehnig

Okay, I found one potential way around this. I put my hidden slides at the very end of the course, thus the numbering before them is consistent for the Outline and the quiz message.

I thought Articulate might not let me access them since they were past to the quiz slides, but apparently hidden slides can be viewed without completing the slides.

So, I'll probably go with this solution. However, if anybody has a more elegant solution, I'd love to hear it.

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