Articluate Quizmaker 13 - Blank Slide (Disable Previous Button)

How do I remove or disable the "Previous" button when I insert a blank slide in Articulate Quizmaker 13?  I am creating an introduction slide before a quiz begins by inserting a blank slide but the slide automatically comes with a previous button and I can't remove or disable it.  Any thoughts?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oswaldo, 

You can't remove the buttons from the blank slides, but you could turn a blank slide into a freeform question slide, maybe a pick one slide where the user clicks on an image that says "I'm ready to start the quiz" and then clicks submit? You can set it so that the question is not included in the results as well.  

You're also welcome to submit a feature request for the ability to remove the prev button. 

Walt Gill

Thanks Leslie for the link.

How do I remove the button from the blank slide that I create? I can rename the buttton to " " however when the quiz is published, the title is gone but the "" button.

What do I need to edit in the .swf file (and which .swf file is it) to remove it from the player. If I am thinking correctly, the previous button will not show up again in the player because I am requiring my user to submit their answers each time and not all at once.


Helen Eglett

I only have a one-question (free-form dragdrop) and would like to remove the PREV button from the player - whether I choose "Graded" quiz or "Survey" the PREV button still appears.  Request a feature upgrade  Articulate allow developers to remove this button in Quizmaker as they do in the Studio player features.


Dee Carter

Having the same issues as others, I have created a review slide after each question slide.   If the question is answered incorrectly, the question slide branches to the review slide.  After the audio plays on the review slide the slide is set to branch back to the original question to provide the learner another try at answering it correctly.  At the bottom of the review slide, is the Next and Prev button.  When you hit next, it does nothing, when you his prev it takes you back to the branched slide (which is what I want to happen).  I would like to remove the Next button because it seems confusing to my learners.  since removing this button is not possible, do you have any other suggestions on how to set up this type of quiz?  I have already tried making the review slide a free form slide which does eliminate the previous button but I can't get it to branch back to the quiz question.  Any suggestions?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dee,

If you've made it a freeform slide - could you include an "answer" that they select, and allow the "feedback branching" for that slide to return to your previous quiz slide. Perhaps you'd also want to share a copy of your .quiz slide here with us so that we can take a look at what you set up and others in the community can weigh in with ideas. 

Stan Stutro

Actually her proposed solution was extremely helpful to me. Not sure why it wouldn't help the users here as it directly solves the problem the original poster experienced. By importing the quiz maker file into power point presenter, I was able to add a blank slide before it, remove the previous button on that slide, and publish. Thank you @Janelle Hoersch :-)