Attempts and Submission in Quizmaker 13

I'm preparing a quiz that I want to allow as many attempts to answer each question, move back and forth through the answers, change as many times as you want until you hit submit and even leave the course and resume at another time. I want to do this without telling the user if they got the answer right or wrong (no feedback) but I can't set attempts as unlimited unless I allow feedback. I have set the course to submit all at once. Can someone offer a solution or alternate method to accomplish this?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Susan,

Great questions! You can modify the defaults for your quiz - this might make things a little easier for what you're wanting to accomplish. The option you mentioned is at the question level for attempts. If you're wanting the entire quiz to be unlimited, and you're submitting all at once, this option won't change the overall quiz attempts. 

To do so:

Click on "Quiz Properties". 

Click on "Question Defaults"

In this window, you can set the default attempts to "Unlimited" and also remove the feedback option. 

On your results slide, you can enable the option to retry and also change the attempt limits. You might want to check both the "Failure" and "Success" layers on the results slide to make sure the attempts are set to "Unlimited". You can also disable the option to show incorrect/correct responses when reviewing - this will help since you don't want to display any feedback on their answers. 

I hope this helps! 

Susan Epps

One more question about submission feedback...

My quiz is set up for no feedback, and Submit All at once.

When they don't answer a question, or when all questions are ready to submit, I get a feedback popup regarding submission. I can't find a way to format that submission feedback's gray and is washed out by my slide background. Any help on that issue? (please and thank you!)

Karen Schultz

My question is similar to this.

I would like each question to be asked only once, confirming correct or incorrect, after each question ( Submit answers one at a time)

But would like users to have unlimited attempts to pass the course (80% for us).

In my test run. I got 90 out of 100 but wanted to redo the quiz to acheive 100%. but received the notice that i was in "review only mode and my responses are not tracked".

Everything is set ot unlimited attempts in Quiz Properties.

My LMS System is Adobe Connect and it to is set for Unlimited attempts.