Branching to blank slides not working

Oct 04, 2012

I can't seem to get branching to work.

Here's the set up...

I have one multiple choice quiz with a choice of 5 answers, of which there is obviously only one that is correct. These choices each branch to a blank slide which either tells them they are right or one of the other 4 which tells them they are wrong. After reaching the appropriate slide the setting is then to 'Finish Quiz'. Score is set to 'By Answer' and attempts are 'Unlimited'. The player template is set to 'Branched scenario' and the 'Submit one question at a time' button selected.

What happens is that if someone selects the correct answer it all works but if the choose an incorrect one nothing happens, ie the Submit button does nothing and you're stuckin the quiz until you pick the correct answer.

I've been trying all sorts of variations but none seem to sort the problem out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tony! I think the issue is that the attempts are set to Unlimited. The way feedback in Quizmaker 09 works, when a question has unlimited attempts, the quiz will basically force the learner to stay on that slide till they answer correctly. So the learner can never move past the question (this includes branching to a blank slide) till they answer correctly. So this is why the blank slide is never appearing.

If you need to offer unlimited attempts on the question, then really the only way to do that and still provide feedback would be to display feedback text in a popup, rather than use a blank slide. You would need to enter some text in the "Feedback" column of the question editor for each of the wrong answers. 

Does that help?

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