Certificate and Printing Certificates...

Jan 25, 2014

I have been following this forum for years now and for sure one of the most requested features by Quiz Maker customers has to be the ability in the QM program to easily add a certificate at the end of the test and the ability to print it.

I was certain that Articulate would listen to their customers and make this feature available in QM 13, but no, once again they did not listen to their customers requests. Customers are still asking for it and Articulate support people are still offering other users workarounds but those are even made more difficult to implement in QM 13. 

Same old mantra offered from Articulate support, "Submit a feature request" - REALLY.


All that said, I still believe Articulate is a very good company but missed a couple of very important things with QM 13 that are not a plus for previous Quiz Maker customers

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Larry Hieb

Phil Mayor said:

You can reinstall Studio 09 as the serial number is separate and not associated with the Studio 13 install.

I have QM 09 installed on my desktopand my laptop.

If I purchase the QM 13 standalone upgrade, then uninstall QM 09 standalone from my desktop, I can still leave my QM 09 on my laptop and there shouldn't be any issues because they are on separate machines, correct?

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