Character limit on Articulate Storyline quiz question

Jan 11, 2024

Hi there, I was trying to upload Articulate Storyline 360 quiz to knowbe4 platform. It is showing one error i.e  406 Data Model Element Type Mismatch: the provided value is longer than the maximum allowed size(250 characters). I saw that this error only comes when i play the questions with more than 250 characters length. When I shorten the question length to 250 characters, error gone away. I want to know if there is  any  character limit on question statements in Storyline?

Note: This error did not come in the past even when I had question with length more than 250 characters

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Steven Benassi

Hi Vasana!

Sorry to hear you've also run into trouble when uploading your Storyline course to an LMS! Happy to assist!

As Ron shared, a helpful first step would be testing your .story file in SCORM Cloud. If the errors cannot be observed in SCORM Cloud, then the issue is likely LMS-based. If you still see the same behavior in SCORM Cloud, or if you need our help testing, please open a support case, so we can take a closer look at your project.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!